Hey! Name’s Joe. I initially used this blog to exclusively document my Cross-Canada bike tour. I’ve since decided to go touring again, and now this blog acts as a repository for all of my (significant) trips carried out by bicycle.

rcp-Joe Campbell-2014-1



  1. Hi Joe, good luck on your trip. Beryl and I will be following your blog. It was too bad you didn’t get a chance to get to visit us in Rustico.
    The weather wasn’t very cooperative today but the farmers need the rain. Cheers.

  2. Hi joe!! im Kim.
    Nice to meet you!!!
    Facebook me~
    Take care and have a nice trip!!

    see you again:))))

  3. Hey Joe! It was great meeting you today, I just thought you should know you were a great inspiration for my future travels. I hope that when that day comes closer that I could ask for your advice! I read throug your blog, and my fear is that one day in the middle of my journey, I’ll stop and question it, similarly to the way you described it- feeling like the whole trip was pointless. How did you get over that? Btw, congrats! whether you realize it at times or not, your adventure is truly amazing, and opened up my eyes! You write beautifully, and your pictures are amazing, good luck with the rest of your trip! 🙂 an FYI, a ’cause’for your trip could be personal, or even to inspire others, cause that’s just as important as any other cause
    Maddy (Madeline) Boire from the petrocanada in Kenaston 🙂

    1. Hey Maddy! Great to hear from you. Motivation can come in many forms. Sometimes, it’s a wicked wind tail wind; sometimes, it’s an amazing sunset; sometimes it’s a great conversation with a fellow adventurer. However, When I feel low, I just convince myself that the feeling will pass. Emotions are fickle, and if I rode only when it “felt good,” I probably wouldn’t get anywhere. This trip takes perseverance and optimism, but it rewards in the most unexpected ways, and I think the serendipity of it all plays a significant part in getting me in the saddle every day.

      I’d be happy to talk about your trip when you start working on deets. In the meantime, I’m honoured to have inspired you! Cheers!

  4. HeyJoe,
    It was great meeting you the other day, reminds of my younger days an adventure on every horizon . I see that in your eyes and hope that you never lose sight of that. Take care and
    Be safe out there.
    Penny ( the trucker from the states)

    1. Hey Penny! Thanks for sending me a message, and thanks again for your kindness and generosity. I often find that I get along swimmingly with truckers, and you reaffirmed that. See you sometime down the road.

  5. Joe,
    I met you at Eagle Plains when you were riding with Xavier on the Dempster Highway. We shared a bottle of wine and some stories. I’m hoping you made it to Inuvik and back. You set up your tent behind my RV and we made a fire. Hoping you are safe and sound. I’ve been waiting for your blog to hear about the adventure………

    1. Bob! I’ve been so busy since moving to Korea that updating the blog has fallen low on the priority list. That said, I intend to get at it soon. I sent you an email a while back, but maybe I didn’t get the correct address? Maybe we can stay in touch through here.

      Cheers, my friend. And rest assured that the Dempster will soon find its way on to this blog!

  6. Joe,
    Glad to hear you are alive and well! I thought maybe the Dempster swallowed you up never to be seen again………your email to me must have went to spam and i did not recognize you………
    Korea is a long ways to go for girl hunting isn’t it? Will look for your adventures on this site. Stay safe and don’t head too far North. I hear the man up there is a little unpredictable!
    Happy new year…………

  7. Joe, you write with such beautiful energy. I spent last night reading your x-Canada journey – at half past midnight I forced myself to go to sleep. This morning I was eager to read the rest. You write the details that other cycling tourists want to know. When I read the final post I have to admit I got a little emotional.
    I’m planning on doing my own x-Canada tour this summer and am researching all that I can between now and when I am finished my contract at the end of June. I’ll start in July on the West coast and cycle out to Halifax (you’re pretty hardcore for going from island to island). I’m wondering if you have any advice on how you put yourself in circumstances that allowed for the best connections with strangers. You said your routine would be to go to the local Tims and chat with the locals. Anything that worked really well for you?
    I’m thinking about taking the southern route through BC, through Creston. Do you know anything about that route?
    Thanks for sharing your journey. You inspire me!

    1. Hi Alex! I’m happy to chat with you! Can you send me an email through this website? That would be easier. If you can’t find the address, it’s goflowjoe at gmail dot com. Looking forward to hearing about your plans!

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