Month: October 2013

Trip Statistics

I’ve been back in Victoria for a month now, and I’ve finally gotten around to compiling some relatively basic trip statistics. Enjoy.


Trip duration: 123 days 

Distance: ~8500 km

Number of days on the road (cycling from one city to another, not getting around within a city): 89 (34 days of “rest”)

Longest day: 220 km, Terrace Bay – Thunder Bay

Shortest day: 10 km, Gibsons – Nanaimo

Average daily distance (excluding rest days, c’mon): 95 km 

Most time spent in province: 34 days (ON)

Least time spent in province: 3 (PE)

Most time spent in one city: 7 (Waterloo, ON)

ACCOMMODATION (some overlap here)

Number of nights in my tent: 40

Number of nights courtesy of hospitality networks (warmshowers, couchsurfing): 24 (CouchSurfing 4, Warmshowers, 20)

Number of nights courtesy of friends who knew I was coming through: 43

Number of nights courtesy of complete strangers: 9

Number of “sent from Heaven” nights (parental gifts, connections, or bailouts): 4


Rear bike rack re-installation, rear fender english (Stephenville, NL)

Rear brake pad re-installation (Bloomfield, ON)

Tire rotation (Sault Ste Marie, ON)

Front rack & panniers installation (Thunder Bay, ON)

Rear brake pad replacement (Regina, SK)

Chain and cassette replacement (Calgary, AB)


Number of days on the road alone: 68 (21 with other travellers)

Number of days talking to myself: 1 (phew)

Number of days not talking to anyone: 0 (!)

Number of days listening to music on the road: 1

Number of books read: 3.5


Couldn’t live without it: phone

Wish I didn’t bring it: climbing gear (I travelled through 8 provinces before finally using it), waterproof clothing

Wish I brought it: daily journal (only had it for the second half of the trip)

Wish I didn’t give it away: cutting board

Bike colour: green

FinalCut 4

If there are any other details you’d like to know about the trip, don’t hesitate to ask! I have a lot of information available; I just had to make a guess about what would interest people the most.

I’ve included a graph of the distance/day distribution throughout the country. The colour changes indicate province changes. The graph moves from left to right, even though I travelled from east to west. Cheers, y’all.